What's in the Showcase??

Fresh and Wild Montauk Fillets of flounder, lemon sole, swordfish, yellow fin tuna and seasonal favorites like stripe bass, share the stage with our wild Salmon!

We also have Northern Pacific Halibut, codfish, monkfish, grouper and mahi-mahi.

Our selections are not limited to the listing here though! We invite you to call if you are looking for something in particular.

We have a big selection and if we don't have it, we may be able to get it in just for you in a couple days!

Other regular favorites include red snapper, calamari, tilapia, Bay and Sea Scallops, as well as of course Shrimp! Which we have unpeeled, peeled and devained, and cooked! Ready for some cocktail sauce??

We also have clams which include little necks and cherrystones, long island steamers, oysters and of course cleaned mussels!

It doesn't stop there! We've also got Frozen king crab legs and Brazilian tails and so much more!

Fort Hill Seafood

Can't Forget about our live Maine Lobsters!

With sizes varying from 1-1/4 up to 4Lbs, we should have a size that'll work for any person!!

All you have to do is give us a call to find out the sizes available, and if a large order or around a holiday please let us know the day before so we can guarantee we'll the size and amount you need!! We can even STEAM, SPLIT AND CRACK THEM FOR FREE!!! (per lb. price + n.y.s. sales tax).

We Order New Lobsters in daily!